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A4 size is pixel and resolution in centimeters of A4 paper

The A4 paper is by the international organization for standardization ISO 216 definitions, specifications for 21*29.7cm (210mm * 297mm), used by most countries in the world are using paper size of this international standard. The standard was originally introduced into the DIN in 1922 by the German Empire (number DIN 476), although some of its format was developed at the same time in France, but later it was forgotten. ISO 216 defines the three sets of paper sizes A, B, and C. Group C paper sizes are mainly used in envelopes.
The length and width of A group than the paper size is your 2:1, then down to the nearest mm value. A0 defined as the area of one square meters, aspect ratio of root 2:1 paper. The following A1, A2, A3…… So the paper size is defined as the number one less paper along the long edge of the folded, and then rounding to the nearest value mm. B group paper size is the geometric average of the A group paper with the same number and less number. Group C paper sizes are mainly used in envelopes.
People’s Republic of China national standard GB/T 148-1997 “printing, writing and drawing paper size”, and ISO216:1975 is not equivalent to adopt.
Pixel and resolution A4
According to the A4 paper size is 210 mm x 297 mm, and 1 inch =2.54 cm, we can conclude that when the resolution is the number of pixels, the size of A4 paper for many mm. Here are our specifications for longer use:
When the resolution is 72 pixels per inch, A4 pixel aspect is 842 * 595;
When the resolution is 120 pixels per inch, A4 pixel aspect is 2105 * 1487;
When the resolution is 150 pixels per inch, A4 pixel aspect is 1754 * 1240;
When the resolution is 300 pixels per inch, A4 pixel aspect is 3508 * 2479;

What are the differences between offset paper and coated paper?

What’s the double adhesive tape?
What are the common number of pairs of tapes?
Refers to the offset printing paper, also called double offset paper, coated paper, paper use the old name in Hong kong. A paper used to improve the surface properties of a paper when it is applied to both sides of the paper in the process of making paper. The average amount of double tape is between 60 grams and 120 grams, and there are also 150 grams of high weight double adhesive tape.
What are the common number of pairs of tapes?
1, double gummed grams: grams, also called weight, refers to the area of 1 square meters of paper weight, usually with g/m2 or GSM units (grams / square meters). In paper measurement, the term “grams” is quantitative.
2, double gummed paper market on the common grams of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90100120 grams, 150180200300 grams of weight, etc.. Custom: 35, 45, 52, 55, 58, 65, 68, 140, 160, 75g…… 220, 250, 350g…,… Some low / high quantity can be replaced by other paper.
3, flat paper (flat) specifications: positive 787 x l092 mm; magnanimous 850 x 1168 mm. Reel specifications: 787 mm, 1092 mm, 850 mm, etc..
What is art paper?
Coated paper is also called coated printing paper. It is called “powder paper” in areas such as Hongkong. It is an advanced printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Mainly used for printing books cover and illustrations, senior color pictures, a variety of exquisite packaging samples, etc..
Art paper is generally smooth and delicate, you see beautiful calendars, bookstores selling posters, books cover, illustrations, art books, album and so on, almost all used coated paper. Recently, due to excess capacity and technological advances, heavy copper coins have been changed into labels and paper bags.
The difference between offset paper and coated art paper
Paper and double tapes are mainly different materials. Coated paper is made of high-density fibers (cotton and bark etc.), while the double offset paper is made of low density fibers (straw pulp, etc.). The same thickness, the gram weight per square meter is quite different. Because of the level of chemical treatment, color is sometimes difficult to tell. The best way: tear the paper, coated paper is tough, double adhesive tape is very loose (crisp). What’s more, the tapes are very thick.

Thermal printing paper specification thermal printing paper storage time

Thermal paper is also called thermosensitive facsimile paper, thermal recording paper and thermosensitive copy paper. In Taiwan, it is called heat sensitive carbon paper. Heat sensitive paper is a kind of processing paper, and its manufacturing principle is to apply a layer of “thermal coating” on high quality base paper (heat sensitive color change layer). Although the chemicals used in this discoloration layer there are a dozen, but at least one of the following compounds: colorless dye, the dye species wide, is the most commonly used fluorescent compounds; chromogenic agent accounts for about 20% of the following are commonly used, bisphenol A, p-hydroxybenzoic acid; sensitizer accounted for about 10% of the following, which contains benzene sulfonic acid amide compounds; filling about 50%, commonly used with calcium carbonate (particles); adhesive accounted for about 10% of the following, such as poly vinyl acetate; stabilizer, such as terephthalic acid two benzoyl; lubricant. Therefore, the process is difficult and requires high technology.
The range of application of thermal printing paper
Purpose: thermal paper, thermal paper as the communication carrier of text and graphics in a fax machine, the fax paper as materials in the medical record; as, the measurement system, such as ECG, thermal recording paper drawings; printing paper used in the Internet terminal; in commercial activities, used for making trademarks, sign code (POS) and so on, the fax paper occupies the largest proportion of the amount of.
The principle of thermal printing paper
The principle of making thermal paper is common in the base of paper coated particle powder composition is a colorless dye phenol or other acidic substances, the film separated under heating conditions, film melting, powder mixed color reaction. The thermal paper color words are not stable and easy to fade, resulting in difficult to identify the contents of the file.
When the heat sensitive paper is placed in the environment above 70 degrees Celsius, the thermal sensitive coating starts to change color. The reasons for its discoloration are also discussed in terms of its constituents.
There are two kinds of heat sensitive components in thermal paper coating: one is colorless or implicit color, and the other is color developing agent. This type of thermal sensitive paper is also known as “double differentiation” type thermal recording paper.
Commonly used as colorless dyes, mainly: three, benzene, alkyl benzene phthalocyanine system of crystal violet lactone (CVL), fluoranthene system, colorless benzene methylene blue (BLMB) or spiro system and other substances.
Commonly used as chromogenic agent mainly: para hydroxy benzoic acid and its esters (PHBB, PHB), salicylic acid, 2,4-, two hydroxy benzoic acid, or aromatic sulfone and other substances.
When the heat sensitive paper is heated, the colorless dye and the coloring agent react chemically to produce a color, so when the heat sensitive paper is received on the facsimile machine, the signal is printed or directly printed with a thermal printer, and the pictures and the words are displayed. Because there are many varieties used as a colorless dye, the colors appear different. They are blue, purple, black and so on.
Common lottery tickets, supermarkets, small tickets, hospital registration, small ticket, etc., are used in thermal paper.

The difference between printing paper, classifying printed paper, and printing paper

At present, the photo printing paper is mainly divided into the following three kinds:
The difference between printing paper, classifying printed paper, and printing paper
Swelling type photographic paper swellable
RC paper based +PVA coating: not waterproof, high brightness, suitable for pigment ink
Swelling type photographic paper. As the name suggests, the coating of this paper will be wet after the ink is printed, and the pigment will penetrate the surface. Peng Yun photopaper usually has three layers, a protective layer, the top layer of ink, and the bottom of the absorption layer, paper base is on both sides of a polyethylene film, like a sandwich (paper based and traditional silver halide photographic paper and waterproof paper are basically the same as RC), a coating of antistatic and anti curl back. The polymer coating on the expanded photographic paper not only acts as a solid ink to prevent the diffusion of dyes, but also protects the image against fading effects due to light and air pollution. The drying time of certain photographic print after (to be solvent in the ink to the volatile nature to dry in the air), after printing water breakthrough, fingerprint moisture, sneezing, even cooking steam can damage photos. At the same time, Peng run paper is only suitable for dye ink printing, although some manufacturers promote the paper all over the world, such as Kodak announced that its Ultima Peng Yun paper, pigment dyes are applicable, but because the pigment particles cannot penetrate into the pigment ink to the coating, so the pigment ink print Peng run paper, printing quality is very poor, but not easy to do.
Cast coated paper cast coating
Photographic base paper + micron grade silica coating: coating waterproof, dye ink, brightness slightly lower, pigment barely used.
The casting type is quick drying, after printing, about ten minutes to one hour can be dried, when the coating is bad, it will cause the ink to flow on the paper after printing. Cast coated paper do now is very smooth, but finished printing can feel pigment floating on the surface, while the RC waterproof paper because of coating to the nano level, the feeling is still bright, the color in the lower layer, above seems to be covered with a film like. RC waterproof paper printing ink quickly, immediately hand to rub is not sticky; while the swelling photopaper minutes order time to dry, cast coated paper because rely on paper to absorb part of ink, so just finished printing paper is deformation.

How many grams of coated paper are there in general? Which ones are good for coated paper and white cardboard?

What are the grams of coated paper in general?
Coated paper, believe that no matter in front of the computer you are printing industry friends, heard the nouns are not unfamiliar, in fact, this is one of the most common printing paper, coated paper and the three words but it is commonly known, its official name is printing paper coating. Careful attention, it is not difficult to find, now you see in the bookstore of beautiful calendar and exquisite book cover, mostly by copperplate printing. Even a lot of paper handbags are used in large quantities to coated art paper.
Which is good, coated paper or white cardboard?
What is art paper?
Coated art paper, as its name suggests, is a kind of printing paper, and its main production process is made of base paper coated with white paint. It is a kind of common advanced printing paper. Now many advanced books and periodicals cover and illustration and so on are using coated paper, and in the advertising field, coated paper also plays an important role, even the trademark sometimes also use coated art paper.
What are the number of coated paper grams?
The coated paper, the specifications and the number of grams is certain, in general, quantitative coated paper is 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 250 g / m2, we can choose the number of grams, according to their own needs in general, the greater the number of grams of coated paper sheet the greater the weight. And if it is a flat piece of packaging specifications have 787 x 1092 (mm), 880 x 1230 (mm) of the two, therefore, to use coated paper printing in the printing factory, only for the above two kinds of quantitative collocation can be selected.
Which is good, coated paper or white cardboard?
According to different uses, each has its own characteristics.

What are the sizes of photographic paper? Photo prints, specifications and sizes

Because the traditional photographic technology and popular digital camera technology is introduced into China from abroad, high-end printing equipment are imported from abroad, in order not to cause confusion in the production process, the domestic has been used several internationally in the photo size measurement.
What are the sizes of photographic paper? Photo prints, specifications and sizes
“Inches”: the “inches” used in pictures refer to the length of inches on one side of the picture. For example, a 6 inch picture is a picture with a size of 6 * 4 inches. (1 inches equals 2.54 centimeters)
“R”: there is also a popular way to represent the size of a picture, that is, to take an inch integral value on the short side of the picture and a letter “R” to represent it. For example, a 5 inch photo with a size of 5 * 3.5 inches, or 3R.
“D”: now most of the digital camera images the aspect ratio is 4:3, ratio of length to width and often the size of standard photographs does not conform to this picture as a small cut or blank for photo processing needs often in the printing process. In order to be able to do panoramic printing, there is now a photo with a length to width ratio of 4:3. The method is to take the short edge value of the photo and add the letter “D” to the front. For example, the 4D photo size is 6 x 4 inches.
What are the dimensions of the photographic paper?:
Photo specifications, actual sizes (inches), actual sizes (mm)
1 inch = 1 x 1.527 x 38
2 inch = 1.3 x 1.935 x 45
5 inches (3R) 5 * 3.5127 * 89
3D (panoramic 5 inches) 5 x 3.75127 x 95
6 inches (4R) 6 * 4152 * 102
4D (panoramic 6 inches) 6 x 4.5152 x 114
7 inches (5R) 7 * 5178 * 127
8 inches (6R) 8 * 6203 * 152
10 inches 10 x 8254 * 203
12 inches 12 x 9305 * 254
15 inches 15 x 10381 * 254
16 x 12 inches, 16 * 12406 * 305
18 x 12 inches, 18 * 12457 * 305
18 x 14 inches, 18 * 14457 * 355
20 x 16 inches, 20 * 16508 * 406
24 x 20 inches, 24 * 20610 * 508
30 x 20 inches, 30 * 20762 * 508
30 x 24 inches, 30 * 24762 * 610
36 x 30 inches, 36 * 30914 * 762
40 x 30 inches, 40 * 301016 * 762
48 x 40 inches, 48 * 401219 * 1016

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